Team Announced: Tennessee 10

Oct 10, 2014 The SAGL
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COLUMBIA, SC — The next team invited to the 2014 SAGL Invitational is the Tennessee 10. With all athletes hailing from the state of Tennessee, led by head coach and athlete Chris Rasnake, calling this team strong is an understatement.

The 10 dominated the SAGL Combine when it came to strength numbers. Chris Rasnake posted a 415lb front squat (3rd overall), Mattie Rasnake posted a 265lb front squat (2nd), a 240lb clean (1st), and a 400lb deadlift (2nd). Justin Wade blew everyone out of the water with a 310lb snatch (1st), and Matt Harrell might be the strongest man on the grid November 15th. He has recorded a 500lb+ back squat, 425lb+ front squat, 375lb clean, 620lb+ Deadlift, and we could go on.

Coach Rasnake had this to say:
"The SAGL IS WONDERFUL AVENUE! As fast as the sport of fitness is growing we have to take advantage of our time and gifts that the fitness industry gives us! The fitness sport needs more organized opportunities! We are very excited to showcase East Tennessee Athletes. We will see you on the Grid!"
- Chris Rasnake, Tennessee 10 Head Coach
Ready to meet the athletes? Click here to check out the squad.

Follow the Tennessee 10 on their Facebook page and check out the Tennessee 10 November 15th at the Columbia Convention Center.