Team Announced: BSFG Adrenaline

Oct 16, 2014 The SAGL
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COLUMBIA, SC — We are excited to announce the eighth team of the 2014 SAGL Invitational is BSFG Adrenaline. The names (and painted faces) may look familiar as the core of this team is none other than the CrossFit Games veterans, Team Adrenaline - and the few athletes they picked up to round out their team are not to be overlooked.

Sponsored by Box Stalker Fitness Gear, Adrenaline will undoubtedly bring a competitive edge to the grid as they have spent a great deal of the last few years training and competing as a unit. The team will be led by player/coach and member of the NPGL Champion DC Brawlers, Lindsay Menerey, who split the title of Best Bodyweight Specialist and was named to the All-Grid Team in the NPGL's inaugural season. Joining her in the coaching responsibilities will be assistant coach Ken Notari.

Also found on Adrenaline's roster is 6-time CrossFit Games athlete, Christy Adkins, and barbell specialist Chris Harris from Auburn, Alabama whose 600 pound deadlift, 515 pound back squat and 345 pound clean and jerk will definitely be an asset for Genesis' heavy races. Spectators and NPGL scouts alike will have their eyes on this well-rounded team.

Ready to meet the athletes? Click here to check out the squad.