Team Announced: Bluffton Bruisers

Oct 20, 2014 The SAGL
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COLUMBIA, SC — The last team that has been invited to the 2014 SAGL Invitational is the Bluffton Bruisers. This group is no stranger to teaming up for competitions, as they all train together right here in the SAGL's home state of South Carolina.

They say 'a team that trains together wins together' and that is just what Bruiser head coach and player Alex Cadmus is shooting for. There's a definite advantage to those teams that get to lift side by side, learning each others strengths, weaknesses and breaking points. When it comes to grid, strategy is key, and that will likely be the Bruisers' competitive edge.

Player Matin Catalioto had this to say:
"We are excited to participate in the SAGL. We look forward to competing at the highest level in the region and against the best athletes around. The Bluffton Bruisers are sponsored by their home box CrossFit 843. These athletes have trained and competed locally together and are excited for the opportunity to take it to the GRID for the first time."
- Martin Catalioto, Bluffton Bruisers
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