Athlete Spotlight: Nick Shappee and Hannah Stokes

Apr 16, 2015 Jamie Tebaldi
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In this week's SAGL Athlete Spotlight, we got to hear from Nick Shappee of the Charleston Marauders, and Hannah Stokes of the Bluffton Bruisers.
What's your day job?
SHAPPEE: I coach clients who are overweight or want to improve their overall health and well-being at Live In Fitness Enterprises on Hilton Head Island.
STOKES: A high school student.
How did you hear about grid and what interested you most about it?
SHAPPEE: I heard about grid from my good buddy Ryan Doeppel, when he came back from a competition in Greenville. He said that there is a new sport and league coming that can propel us to becoming elite athletes. He told me that you work as a team through the grid using CrossFit movements. I responded immediately with "FARM LEAGUE!!! LET'S DO IT!"
STOKES: I first came across grid on social media, and learned more about it from friends I train with, who later encouraged me to be a part of it. I like how each athlete has specific tasks based on their skills, and yet you still get to work together as a team.
What's your training schedule like?
SHAPPEE: It's pretty simple. Lift something heavy, skill work, learn something new and try to do it while at fatigue. Since this is my first run through in a grid season I have had more "Take care of my body days" than actual training days.
STOKES: I usually train 6 days a week, 2 to 3 times a day. During the week, I have weightlifting at school and track and field practice every day after school. Sometimes with an additional workout after or some type of skill work.
Have you changed your training style at all to be more grid-specific?
SHAPPEE: Absolutely!! Grid is a whole new species of fitness.
STOKES: I have added more skill work. Also, I have been working to speed movements up, while still getting full range of motion.
What is your past experience with sports?
SHAPPEE: In high school I played football, wrestled and played lacrosse. College wrestling took over for the next 5 years after high school, and surprisingly competitive cheerleading managed to squeeze some years in while in college.
STOKES: I have played softball and basketball, along with other sports growing up, up until two years ago. Now I run track and throw shot put for Weddington High School, and I just love to workout.
Who is your favorite athlete and/or inspiration?
SHAPPEE: I am legitimately stumped on this. I don't believe I really have a favorite athlete. I do know that my inspiration comes from others around me that consistently strive to become a better version of themselves.
STOKES: I do not have a favorite athlete. I am inspired by everyday people who train day in and day out, and just continue to push to better themselves, to become their best self.
Favorite fitness brand?
SHAPPEE: Let's just say thank goodness Nike is in the game. And I can't forget Xwerk ignite. Listen, I've been using N.O Explode for 10 years, and have never found a kick in the lifting soul's butt quite like I have with Ignite!
STOKES: No real preference, whatever feels right.
Do you have any pre-match rituals?
SHAPPEE: To make sure my Stance Sox don't have a crinkle in my shoe and to precisely pinpoint the correct time to throw down my pre-workout (Xwerks of course).
STOKES: I always wear my lucky socks.
What's one of your non-athletic hobbies?
SHAPPEE: Going to the beach/river/sandbar to enjoy the good times with friends.
STOKES: I like to draw.
Any advice for people who are new to grid?
SHAPPEE: Well I am pretty new to grid, but if I had some advice I would say prepare for change in your training days.
STOKES: Everyone should try it. It's an awesome atmosphere and there are always new movements out that you can try out and have fun with. It's all about being fast, while still under control. Just have fun with it.
How can people follow you?
SHAPPEE: I thought you'd never ask. :)
Find me on Facebook:Nick SHappee
Find me on Instagram:Nick_Shappee184
Find me on Snapchat:Nicknyou
Don't forget to follow my amazing teammates that I go to battle with!
STOKES: My Instagram: @hstokes_7.