5 Reasons to Watch an SAGL Grid Match

Apr 01, 2015 Jamie Tebaldi
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What Is Grid? Wait, you've never heard of grid? Never been to a match? Well, the stage has been set for the nation's newest sport, taking the athletic community by storm. A truly unique test of strength, stamina and speed, grid will push athletes to the boundaries of their fitness ability while requiring strategy, perseverance, and above all, teamwork.
Each grid match consists of two 10-person co-ed teams, going head-to-head in 11 strategic athletic races, which entail everything from rope climbing and handstand pushups to weightlifting and box jumps. The races follow a fixed format but will vary week to week, by delivering a unique combination of movements to keep the matches fresh and exciting.

Still on the fence about attending a match? Here are five reasons to join the excitement at an SAGL grid match, here in Columbia, SC.

#1 Who doesn't love an adrenaline rush?

While the biggest rush happens during the very last race, when the winner of the entire match is crowned, each individual race will leave you with your heart pounding, wanting to join the excitement!

#2 There's a little something for everyone.

Weightlifting, gymnastics, speed, agility, popcorn, hot dogs, clothing vendors, enthusiastic crowds... Not to mention the amazing physical feats that you will be privy to, as the athletes push their bodies to the limit in pursuit of the win.


#3 It's super easy to follow.

Even if you don't know anything about sports, you can easily follow a grid match. The races progress up the grid, which is clearly marked for ease of viewing, and the entire event is emceed, so you'll know what's happening each step of the way.

#4 Free swag!

Does this even need explanation?

#5 It's cheap!

Tickets are a fraction of the cost of most sporting events and other entertainment. Forget about baseball and football games, a grid match is less expensive than the circus, a concert, even a movie! Plus, it's right here in Columbia!

Hamilton Brodnax

Let's not forget what's most important: The incredible athletes. These are men and women at the top of their game who have trained relentlessly for this competitionů And it shows.

Come join the excitement this Saturday, April 4th and every Saturday in April and May at 1825 Laurel St, Columbia, SC. See our schedule and other season details at http://www.thesagl.com/season. Doors open an hour before the first match!

See You on the Grid!