2014 SAGL Invitational Recap: Team Adrenaline crowned champs

Dec 11, 2014 The SAGL
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Teams, athletes, vendors and spectators from all over the US came together in the heart of downtown Columbia, SC to be a part of the SAGL's first ever Invitational Grid tournament on November 15th, and it was a great success. For the first time in South Carolina, fans of competitive sports had a great chance to immerse themselves in an entirely new realm of athletic prowess...the sport of Grid. There was constant look of thrill and excitement seen throughout the day on the faces of the crowd as they cheered their favorite athletes during the matches.

Fans Aside from introducing this new sport to a community of prospective fans, there was a goal to provide a means for amateur athletes exposure and an opportunity to compete in Grid. For many of the athletes, this was their first time setting foot on a grid and while it was overwhelming for some, the anticipation and excitement only fueled the teams' desire to win. With the opportunity to compete both side-by-side and against some of the current professionals in the sport, the amateur gridders truly showed not only passion for the new sport but an incredible amount of athleticism.

Head-turners such as Tennessee 10's Mattie Rasnake (pictured left), Mattie Rasnake the only female to do the 410 lb farmer's carry in the match's Sprint Relay, and Hamilton Brodnax (pictured right) of the Guerrilla Squad who sealed victory for his team in the final race with three easy, touch-and-go 275 lb clean and jerks, Hamilton Brodnax were just a few athletes that wowed both the crowd and NPGL scouts in the audience. Battling it out for the top spot all day were the Carolina Thunder hailing from North Carolina and BSFG Adrenaline out of Atlanta, Georgia. It came down to the final race of the day where Adrenaline was able to just edge the Thunder to take home the Invitational trophy.

Team Adrenaline Pure Strength Co. continued to broadcast their expertise in the industry by providing an incredible 40 foot, one-of-a-kind rig, specifically created for the SAGL. A special thanks to them, Rubber Floors and More, Renewed Wraps, and the rest of our 2014 Invitational sponsors. Check out our sponsor links on the right for more information on the companies that helped make the event the success it was!

SAGL Rig What's next? The SAGL is geared up to kick off its inaugural season in March of 2015. With six matches and playoffs in the first year, fans will have plenty of opportunities to watch their favorite teams and athletes compete. More information will be released in the coming weeks on how you can follow and even be a part of the action.