Sit-down with the MC: The 'Ship

May 29, 2015 Steve Edmunds

"We have finally lost our squirrelliness", says Shana Alverson from the Atlanta Assassins. "You know when a squirrel is in the middle of the road when a car is coming and it begins to panic and looks at both sides of the road not sure where to go? That's how we felt on the grid the first couple of matches." Our MC, Steve Edmunds, sat down with the coaches and players of the two teams competing in this weekend's championship match to catch up on the season and find out their expectations for the 'ship. Read More »

Coach Talk: Semi-Finals

May 22, 2015 Jamie Tebaldi

As we head into the first-ever semi-finals of the SAGL, we felt that it was important to talk to the coaches/general managers of the four teams involved... Read More »

5 Reasons to Watch an SAGL Grid Match

Apr 01, 2015 Jamie Tebaldi

With opening day for the inaugural SAGL season right around the corner, the anticipation is high and the excitement is palpable. If you're in or around the Columbia area this weekend (or any weekend in the next couple months), these are events you won't want to miss. Not sure yet? Here's five reasons why you should come watch an SAGL grid match this season. Read More »

Athlete Spotlight: Cliff Kohut and Sarah Whitmore

Mar 25, 2015 Jamie Tebaldi

Sarah's experience with team sports and Cliff's individual competitor status may seem to set them apart from each other. But on the grid? Their passion and dedication are the same, and that's what it takes to win. Check them out. Read More »

Athlete Spotlight: Brooke Haas and Adam Cantrell

Mar 19, 2015 Jamie Tebaldi

This week, Atlanta Assassins teammates Adam and Brooke, both CrossFit coaches and lifelong athletes, talk about their passion for grid. Read more to get to know them better, as they go head to head in this week's Spotlight!Read More »

Minor Leagues of Major Importance: The DC Brawlers on SAGL

Jan 16, 2015 Jamie Tebaldi

Grid may be far younger than football, baseball, basketball and hockey, but its goal is the same--take passionate athletes who excel in the sport and allow them to compete against other athletes of their caliber. One of the best ways to pull in fresh talent and ensure that all levels of athletes have their moment in the spotlight is to have both professional and minor league teams.Read More »

Get to know the SAGL Sponsors

Oct 26, 2014 The SAGL

The 2014 Invitational is truly gearing up to be a one-of-a-kind event, and we at the SAGL understand and appreciate that it can't be done without the support from our sponsors. We would like to take a moment to spotlight the SAGL's core sponsors, and provide a deeper look into the incredible businesses that we've teamed up with!Read More »

2014 SAGL Invitational Special Guest: Irving Hernandez

Oct 21, 2014 The SAGL

COLUMBIA, SC — As we all know, the NPGL has completed it's inaugural season which was a great success. From that, there have been a few instant celebrities who have created a name for themselves in just the short time since the spawn of this new sport. We're excited to announce that one of those athletes will be making a special guest appearance at our event: Irving HernandezRead More »

Team Announced: Bluffton Bruisers

Oct 20, 2014 The SAGL

COLUMBIA, SC — The last team that has been invited to the 2014 SAGL Invitational is the Bluffton Bruisers. This group is no stranger to teaming up for competitions, as they all train together right here in the SAGL's home state of South Carolina.Read More »

Team Announced: Guerilla Squad

Oct 17, 2014 The SAGL

COLUMBIA, SC — The next team invited to the 2014 SAGL Invitational is the Guerrilla Squad. They are led by head coach, Carolina CrossFit Owner and OPEX Associate coach, Paul Beckwith, and he's bringing with him some heavy hitters from South Carolina.Read More »

Team Announced: BSFG Adrenaline

Oct 16, 2014 The SAGL

COLUMBIA, SC — We are excited to announce the eighth team of the 2014 SAGL Invitational is BSFG Adrenaline. The names (and painted faces) may look familiar as the core of this team is none other than the CrossFit Games veterans, Team Adrenaline - and the few athletes they've picked up to round out the squad are not to be overlooked.Read More »

Team Announced: Pure Strength Pistols

Oct 15, 2014 The SAGL

COLUMBIA, SC — The next team invited to the 2014 SAGL Invitational is the Pure Strength Pistols. The Pistols are truly "Georgia Strong", all hailing from the Peach State. Phoenix Rise athlete Brandon Phillips will try his hand at coaching grid, rather than playing.Read More »

Team Announced: Wolfpack

Oct 14, 2014 The SAGL

COLUMBIA, SC — We're happy to announce our latest invitee to the 2014 SAGL Invitational is the Wolfpack. This team has a mix of talent from across the nation...and globe! Sporting players from Italy, England, Canada and the USA, player/coach Olly Goddard truly took our 'no boundary' team creation policy to another level. And yes, Olly's name may seem familiar as he can be found on the roster of the NPGL's own Miami Surge; unfortunately for their opponents, he's not all the Wolfpack is bringing to the table.Read More »

Team Announced: Tennessee 10

Oct 10, 2014 The SAGL

COLUMBIA, SC — The next team invited to the 2014 SAGL Invitational is the Tennessee 10. With all athletes hailing from the state of Tennessee, led by head coach and athlete Chris Rasnake, calling this team strong is an understatement.Read More »

Team Announced: Carolina Thunder

Oct 08, 2014 The SAGL

COLUMBIA, SC — The fourth team invited to compete at the 2014 SAGL Invitation is the Carolina Thunder. Coach Tim Wright, coordinator of sports performance at Wake Forest University and General Manager Pam Kontogiorgos, owner of College Hill Crossfit, have formed a dynamic team of well-rounded and specialized athletes to compete in the Southern Amateur Grid League (SAGL).Read More »

Team Announced: PRS Gunners

Oct 06, 2014 The SAGL

COLUMBIA, SC — We would like to welcome the PRS Gunners to the 2014 SAGL Invitational. The Gunners are backed by their official sponsor, Morning WOD Fitness. Led by Head Coach Barry Pepper, the Gunners are comprised of talented athletes from Georgia and South Carolina.Read More »

Team Announced: Team Iron

Oct 05, 2014 The SAGL

COLUMBIA, SC — We are excited to welcome Team Iron to the 2014 SAGL Invitational. Powered by their sponsor 321 Carolina, this team's core resides and trains right here in South Carolina with a few heavy hitters being pulled in from New York, Florida and Georgia to round out their squad.Read More »

Team Announced: Southern Assassins

Oct 02, 2014 The SAGL

COLUMBIA, SC — We are excited to announce the first team for the 2014 SAGL Invitational will be the Southern Assassins. Fueled by their official sponsor, FitAid, the Southern Assassins is made up of standout athletes hailing from five different states... Read More »

2014 SAGL Invitational

Oct 01, 2014 The SAGL

COLUMBIA, SC — On November 15th, athletes from all over the Southeast will meet in South Carolina at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center to compete in the SAGL's first ever grid tournament. With 24,000 square feet in the heart of downtown Columbia spotlighting a 40' custom rig provided by the SAGL's official equipment sponsor, Pure Strength, and the first grid to ever hit SC, this is the event you don't want to miss. Read More »


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